Data Sourcing

Your one-stop source for the widest range of high quality satellite imagery and elevation data available.

  • Independent, expert advice to identify your ideal solution
  • Access to the world’s leading satellite operators and suppliers
  • Optical or radar imagery available in low to very high resolutions
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Comprehensive solutions to save you time and money

  • Worldwide access to imagery and elevation data for large or small areas
  • Single source for archive data or new tasking
  • Ability to receive regular repeat or single shot data
  • Flexibility to deliver digital elevation models or bespoke pre-processing

Quick access to a wide range of earth observation satellite technology

  • Airbus Defence and Space (Pleiades, SPOT1-7, SPOT DEM, Elevation1/4/8/10/30, TerraSAR-X, WorldDEM, Formosat-2)
  • European Space Imaging (Digital Globe products including WorldView 1-4, Geoeye-1, QuickBird, Ikonos)
  • Intermap Technologies (Nextmap5 DSM and DTM, Nextmap World10, Nextmap World 30, Microwave Line Planning service)
  • Planet (Rapideye)
  • SIIS (KOMPSAT 2/3/3a/5)
  • Urthecast Deimos (Deimos-1, Deimos-2, Theia MRC, Iris HRC)
  • Vito (PROBA-V)

For detailed information on satellites and data products please download our Brochure.

Personalized, expert consultants to help identify goals and optimize solutions

  • Benefit from our 30 years of experience as a user and supplier of data to many industries including agriculture, telecoms, forestry, oil and gas, engineering, transportation and environment
  • Simplify the process by allowing us to engage with multiple suppliers your behalf, and manage the complex world of archive searching, new satellite tasking and product specifications
  • Jump start your analysis by take advantage of our in-house technical services including data pre-processing, re-formatting, re-projection, orthorectification or mosaicking to provide the most convenient starting point for your work
  • Take advantage of our unique Microwave Line Planning subscription service (terrain profiles extracted from elevation data) for telecoms industry customers

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