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A proof of concept program dedicated to the future

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we proudly introduce Geosys™ Labs – a pilot program dedicated to meeting the future needs of agriculture through remote sensing technology. This program will focus on four key initiatives.

Program Initiatives

Improve the measurement of sustainable practices

Improve the measurement of sustainable practices

Provide affordable risk management solutions for smallholder farms

Provide affordable risk management solutions for smallholder farms

Increase transparency within the agriculture supply chain

Increase transparency within the agriculture supply chain

Revolutionize the future of agriculture technology

Revolutionize the future of agriculture technology


You can apply for free access to Geosys products for the development of innovative solutions to agricultural challenges. We’ll be selecting partner projects throughout the year – both public and private – that best meet the program criteria. Program participants will be given access to our proprietary data and experienced team of experts.

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Project Ideas


The key to success for sustainable agriculture is getting the right inputs, in the right place, in the right amount. While the concept is simple, the execution can be filled with complexities. A tool that could simplify this process while allowing growers to track success over time would be an interesting opportunity.

Geosys Labs could support a project such as this with NDVI maps. The maps could be used to help provide a variable rate application in addition to supporting a correlation study to better analyze what is absorbed by the crop through Farmsat® mapping application.


Insurance is required to make farming a more economically stable option for growers, especially in smaller regions with less established infrastructure. Index based programs provide a great deal of promise for smallholder farms as they can be structured in a much more cost-effective manner for all parties.

Geosys Labs could support a proof of concept program for an insurance provider looking to build an index based policy on historical data. Through Agriquest® global monitoring, we could provide historical weather and satellite data to define risk and productivity at the farm level.


Drones provide some exciting opportunities for future applications – and we’re interested in helping to ensure the needs of agriculture are being addressed. Exploring the potential to use drones for targeted scouting would reduce the resources required and improve accuracy.

Through the use of our Croptical® monitoring application, a partner in the program would be able to access NDVI maps to quickly identify areas of the field to target. Geocoordinates would also be provided to ensure the exact location for scouting needs.

Applications will be evaluated against four main criteria:

  • 01.

    Meets one of the four program initiatives

    Any potential project needs to have a clear objective that aims to meet one of the four program initiatives identified above.

  • 02.

    Complexity of the proof on concept

    We need to ensure that any project selected for Geosys Labs has a clear path of execution and can be supported within our standard capabilities.

  • 03.

    Agreement to key requirements

    Partners must agree to share basic details of their project with the public and provide a final recap of the project results. All partners must be willing to adhere to a standard license agreement, which includes terms and conditions for the technology we provide. Additionally, partners must be willing to sign a release form for Geosys Labs promotional purposes.

  • 04.

    Uniqueness of project

    We want to ensure that we have a variety of projects within the program and hope to find prospects for each of the four initiatives.


How many projects will you select for the program?

It will depend on the size and scale of the projects submitted. We have budgeted financial and human resources to support Geosys Labs, so we will select as many projects as we can reasonably support.

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who meets the criteria provided above.

What are the deadlines? When will projects be selected?

We do not have a specific deadline for the applications. We will be selecting projects on a rolling basis – so the earlier you apply the better your chances of being accepted. We plan to evaluate each application within two weeks of being submitted.


Please note that Geosys reserves the right to terminate the program at any time.

Please complete the following form. Submit additional support materials by emailing them to Be sure to include your project title in the subject line.

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