For those who need to make informed decisions and take action quickly

We supply real-time, satellite- and weather-based data to clients across the agriculture industry and around the globe.

Our unique combination of expertise — in agriculture, IT and GIS — is the core of our identity, and our commitment to clients. It gives us a clear vision of the high stakes and rapidly changing landscape of the entire agriculture industry. It also allows us to help clients see hidden opportunities in their own business.

We offer a proprietary suite of ready-to-deploy tools that can include varying levels of customization to meet your needs. Additionally, we work with partners to create customized, scalable solutions to give them a unique competitive advantage in their markets and to help improve their business processes.

The challenges this industry will face in the future will be transformative.

Our Background

Geosys is the first global digital agriculture company founded by agronomists.

With 30 years of experience, we’ve been pioneers in developing tools based on satellite mapping, agronomy, the internet and database management. You don’t survive in agriculture this long by accident. Our proven track record of adaptability and scalability translates to lower risk for our clients – and lower cost of investment.

Founded in France, we now work with customers all around the globe. Acquired by Land O’Lakes, Inc. in 2013 as an independent business, Geosys is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in Europe, Australia and Brazil.

With best-in-class digital agriculture solutions based on industry leading data and expert analysis, Geosys will help you lead the new agricultural revolution.

Our Promise: Growing Agriculture

Few industries have seen as much transformation as agriculture.

From advancements in the equipment used to the seeds grown, technology is shaping agriculture’s future.

For the past 30 years, we have proudly participated in these revolutions as a pioneer in Ag technology through our integration of GIS, IT and agronomy. By delivering high quality data globally, we support the entire agriculture supply chain by empowering a better decision making process.

We are honored to serve those who work tirelessly to ensure a sustainable, secure future for our food supply.

But our work is not done. We remain focused on our promise of growing agriculture.

Our Team


Damien Lepoutre
Damien Lepoutre

Damien Lepoutre is the president and founder of Geosys.

Damien Lepoutre is the president and founder of Geosys. As an agronomist, he always had a passion for agriculture but quickly made his own path in the industry in the early 1980’s, when he started in remote sensing at NFAP (a joint NASA-USDA/FS program). Lepoutre expanded his technology background through his work in the IT department of the French Ministry of Agriculture where he developed software to advise growers on best application practices for chemicals. Soon after, he started the remote sensing and GIS lab of the French Ministry of Agriculture in what is now IRSTEA. By 1987, he founded Geosys to better serve the needs of agribusiness and growers.

Lepoutre has an executive MBA from Toulouse Business School and consults with numerous organizations based on his unique background and experience in successfully developing an international business in digital ag technologies.

Cécile Tartarin
Cécile Tartarin

Cécile Tartarin is the Vice President of Products and Solutions.

Cécile Tartarin is the Vice President of Products and Solutions, leading the design, build (with IT) and delivery of our standard products and dedicated solutions. Cécile earned a Master’s degree in agronomics and an Oenologist degree from the agronomic school Supagro Montpellier. She has more than 15 years of experience in the agriculture industry, including market studies in the French embassy in Vienna, start-up Vitimarket, Invivo as supply and demand analyst for the trading department, and various positions within Geosys including crop analyst and product manager.

Guillaume Sanchez
Guillaume Sanchez

Guillaume Sanchez is the Vice President of Information Systems.

Guillaume Sanchez is the Vice President of Information Systems. He leads software development activities, data management and data engineering with significant Big Data treatment chains, operations of the production platforms on Azure cloud and private cloud for Geosys Ag services. Additionally, Guillaume manages relationship with key technical partners. Prior to this position, he was technical leader in an Airbus group subsidiary and served at different positions in some major mobile telecom operators in Europe. He also founded and developed a startup providing mobile community services. Guillaume holds an engineering degree in computer science and applied mathematics from E.N.S.E.E.I.H.T, a specialization in telecommunications from Telecom ParisTech and various certifications in Data Sciences.

Matthieu Hyrien
Matthieu Hyrien

Matthieu Hyrien is the Vice President of Sales.

Matthieu Hyrien is the Vice President of Sales, overseeing sales and customer success. Having grown up on a corporate farm near Bordeaux, France, Matthieu earned his Master’s degree in agronomy from UniLaSalle Rouen and his executive MBA from Toulouse Business School. He has 15 years of experience in Ag Technology in diverse roles within Geosys, having previously lead the products and technical departments. Matthieu’s in-depth knowledge of the global and local Ag industry challenges and opportunities helps our team deliver a higher level of value to all of our customers.