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Crops send signals throughout the growing season. With our remote sensing and weather technology, we can help you quickly gather the insights you need in real-time to better guide your decisions.

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How We Help

Maintain a competitive edge

Maintain a competitive edge

  • Identify and evaluate local events first to make position decisions
  • Assess risks of production losses and balance your exposure
  • Quickly fine-tune your analysis with interactive graphs and maps
Access accurate data in real-time

Access accurate data in real-time

  • Create a powerful analytical engine for identifying and assessing price risks associated with supply
  • Daily weather and satellite data provides comprehensive monitoring globally
  • Easily compare current and historical performance data
Leverage our local analysts

Leverage our local analysts

  • Access our global team of crop analysts to gain deeper insights
  • Get customized reports designed for your company’s interests
  • Activate alerts for forecast changes and developing situations that need to be monitored closely

Use cases


Dennis has found a comprehensive solution for monitoring the marketing area for his facility with Agriquest® global monitoring. The use of unbiased, reliable data has helped him better understand the production near his facility in real-time. Not only has he been able to monitor his marketing area, but he can monitor local competition which keeps him ahead of the curve.

No longer is he losing valuable time scouring multiple sources of information – which is sometimes biased by personal opinions. With the click of his mouse, he can get a quick overview and make data-driven decisions about basis risk and transportation resources. Additionally, he can monitor regions across the globe, which helps him make strategic moves with export opportunities.


Daniel manages wheat exports for Canada and has been using Agriquest® global monitoring to monitor production locally but also keep a close eye on competition from Russia. The rich, historical data allows him to quickly access analog years for comparison against in-season data.

With access to the experienced analysts at Geosys, Daniel gains an extra level of insights that help him make better decisions faster.


Instead of scouring data to try and find the information needed to run her models, Michelle has found an easy-to-use source for unbiased data – Agriquest® global monitoring. The tool delivers satellite and weather data with a geospatial view, so what used to take time is a simple click away.

The Agriquest® tool helps Michelle answer forecast questions for corn around the world while monitoring for potential risks in a matter of seconds. She has also improved her models through the use of FieldLogs™ by Geosys, which is an in-the-field tool that empowers better sampling and reporting of grain countings. This has improved her training data and given her even better results.

“It really is something indispensable for forecasts, so we need to gather all elements – the statistics, the weather…It is becoming more and more important for us.”

Current Customer

“With the crop analyst, we have meetings three times a month. He know our needs and interests pretty well. The meetings are really useful.”

Current Customer

“That’s clear that is it quite a unique service. I don’t know of others that offer access to satellite image with weather forecast and such a nice interface.”

Current Customer

Products for Commodities


Global crop monitoring to inform supply conditions and manage risk

Scalable and easily integrated APIs for your private applications

How we partner with you

  • We learn what you need

    We learn what you need

    First, we’ll discuss your current situation and business goals. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiencies or gain a competitive edge, we’ll work with you to identify opportunities to optimize and grow your business.

  • We recommend an approach

    We recommend an approach

    Based on your needs, we’ll provide a tailored recommendation. We have product solutions designed to fit every situation related to field mapping, monitoring and analysis.

  • We right-size and deploy

    We right-size and deploy

    Whether you’re using our proprietary tools, building a custom application or pulling in data through an API, we’ll work with you to ensure your needs are met and deployment is a success.

  • We provide ongoing support

    We provide ongoing support

    We process raw satellite imagery to ensure it’s accurate and actionable before it gets to you. You’ll get dedicated support and access to our team of analysts to make sure the tool is performing as expected.


Can you tell the difference between corn and beans in your maps?

Yes, but it would have to be done through a customized application. All of the information to provide this level of insight exists in our system, but it’s a complicated back-end process to deliver this level of data in real-time. If this is something you are interested in, let’s get started with some initial conversations about your specific needs.

Can you tell me how much corn South America will produce this year?


How much does it cost?

Geosys does not have a “one-size-fits-all” model. Even with our proprietary tools, we meet with you to understand your needs. Pricing reflects everything from areas of interest, minimum delivery requirements and number of users. Get started by talking with one of our representatives who can quickly provide a basic quote once a few initial questions are answered.