Geosys for insurance

Crops send signals that aren’t always easily understood.
With our remote sensing technology, we can help you be more efficient and accurate to grow your business.

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How we help

Manage exposure to risk

Manage exposure to risk

  • Understand historical conditions to inform decisions when underwriting
  • Analyze field-to-region-level data to accurately evaluate local conditions
  • Evaluate portfolio risk to make appropriate mitigation decisions
Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

  • Ease and standardize underwriting by quickly evaluating risk profile
  • Simplify the claims management process by prioritizing field visits
  • Quickly and confidently validate loss adjustment claims with reliable third-party data
Develop better insurance products

Develop better insurance products

  • Inform new index-based models with accurate, reliable data
  • Use our tools to look at current and historic crop and weather data in any region
  • Demonstrate the value of index based products to customers with localized simulations based on historical data

Use cases


Tim is an insurance product manager staying ahead of the curve with Agriquest® global monitoring by mapping all of his active contracts for daily monitoring. Through the tool, he can track weather and crop conditions in addition to setting alerts for instant notifications of activity that may affect his clients. Tim can quickly see what contracts are affected to know if and where to dispatch his team, and when re-insurance needs to be notified.

The improved use of his resources saves Tim money and the continuous monitoring helps provide perspective for forecasting business needs throughout the year.


Mary has been able to greatly expand her cooperative’s business by developing a new index based product through the use of historical data made available through Agriquest® global monitoring, making it efficient and cost effective for broad distribution. While Geosys runs the database and index calculation, her cooperative can provide the product with minimal administrative work or field teams.

Launching a new product offering can be a hurdle to adoption, but the Agriquest® tool has allowed Mary to show the value to growers through localized simulations based on historical data that quickly show how much they would have received in case of losses in past years. Demonstrating the value to the customers has provided even better return on investment for Mary.

“Thanks to the in-season imagery, I can plan ahead where to scout to have a fair and representative calculated yield.”

Daniel F.

“With Agriquest, I can check all the insurance policies exposed to bad weather conditions and manage the cashflow to pay eventual indemnities.”

Luiz L.

Products for Insurance

Daily decision support tool that monitors and benchmarks fields

Global crop monitoring to inform supply conditions and manage risk

Scalable and easily integrated APIs for your private applications

How we’ll partner with you

  • We learn what you need

    We learn what you need

    First, we’ll discuss your current situation and business goals. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiencies or develop new insurance products, we’ll work with you to identify opportunities to optimize and grow your business.

  • We recommend an approach

    We recommend an approach

    Based on your needs, we’ll provide a tailored recommendation. We have product solutions designed to fit every situation related to field mapping, monitoring and analysis.

  • We right-size and deploy

    We right-size and deploy

    Whether you’re using our proprietary tools, building a custom application or pulling in data through an API, we’ll work with you to ensure your needs are met and deployment is a success.

  • We provide ongoing support

    We provide ongoing support

    We process raw satellite imagery to ensure its accurate and actionable before it gets to you. You’ll get dedicated support and access to our team of agronomists, PhDs and IT experts to help make sure the tool is performing as expected.


Which countries do you support?

Our satellite and weather data spans the globe – we can provide support in any agricultural region.

What makes Geosys different from other providers?

Thirty years of global experience backed by local expertise. Our heritage speaks to our adaptability, as you cannot survive in the agriculture industry if you remain stagnant. Our reach speaks to our scalability – it’s one thing to have capabilities in one region but it’s quite another to translate them to every corner of the world. Top that with unmatched image processing power that is source-agnostic, pulling from the largest pool of agricultural imagery in the world and securely stored by the pixel with instantaneous access in the format you need.

How much does it cost?

Geosys does not have a “one-size-fits-all” model. Even with our proprietary tools, we meet with you to understand your needs. Pricing reflects everything from areas of interest, minimum delivery requirements and number of users. Get started by talking with one of our representatives who can quickly provide a basic quote once a few initial questions are answered.