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Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Surprised by the 2017 US Corn Yields

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Surprised by the 2017 US Corn Yields

Based on the reports from the Geosys crop analysts, there were three key factors that attributed to the success this growing season.

The Wall Street Journal Global Food Forum

The Wall Street Journal Global Food Forum

We were honored to participate in The Wall Street Journal Global Food Forum 2017. See key points from the Connecting the Farm session and gain access to footage from the event.

3 Key Principles in Ag Tech Adoption

3 Key Principles in Ag Tech Adoption

As I consider pivotal moments in Ag technology, as well as my own experiences during our 30 years of business at Geosys, I find that three key principles hold true.

GEOSYS відзначає тридцятиріччя

GEOSYS відзначає тридцятиріччя

1987 року Дам’єн Лепутр, президент GEOSYS, за підтримки Школи сільського господарства Purpan (Франція), офіційно зареєстрував компанію GEOSYS у Тулузі (Франція). Він задумав створити сільськогосподарську компанію, що вирішуватиме виробничі завдання з використанням технологій дистанційного зондування і геоінформаційних систем.

Understanding and Evaluating Satellite Remote Sensing Technology in Agriculture

According to AgFunder, investments in agriculture technology reached $4.6B in 2015, supporting an influx of technology providers in agriculture – particularly as it relates to optical remote sensing of crops.

4 Trends from InfoAg 2016

This year, the InfoAg conference was held in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on Precision Agriculture. The two events bring together academics and scientists from around the world in addition to agronomists and large growers.

3 Points on Big Data

Big data is a big deal. And understandably so – it is changing virtually every aspect of our lives. And agriculture is no exception. We get this. We do it. Everyday. GEOSYS makes close to 1 petabyte (PB) of satellite imagery data available, live, real-time. That’s the equivalent to 1,000,000 pickup trucks filled with paper that you can search through in milliseconds.

Can Farming be Prescribed?

A recent Reuters article titled Digital farming could spell shake-up for crop chemicals sector considers how new technology affects the amount of inputs growers use and highlights a number of digital farming providers who “all aim to provide farmers with individualized prescriptions on how to work each field down to a fraction of an acre.” This begs the question: is farming something that can be prescribed and executed at this level of granularity?

Weather Stations: Phase 1

As we enter the growing season, the team at GEOSYS continues to establish weather stations across the globe for the first phase of integration with Pessl Instruments.

GEOSYS Integrates New Satellite Imagery from Sentinel-2A

GEOSYS is excited to be one of the first companies to introduce Sentinel-2A satellite imagery through its Farmsat™ mapping application and Croptical™ monitoring application.

The Benefit of Vegetative Crop Imagery

A common question we hear is “what is the real value of NDVI-based vegetative imagery?” It’s a fair question when some in the industry are giving away the data for free.