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Remote sensing that gives you an edge

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For agriculture

Monitor and benchmark fields,
optimize inputs

For insurance

Minimize risk with unbiased,
third-party data

For commodities

Objectively monitor and
analyze crop production


Why Geosys?


  • Source-agnostic data processing supports a range of imagery, maps and models
  • Largest purchaser of agricultural satellite imagery worldwide
  • Cloud-based decision support from continent to field using imagery and weather data


  • Systematic acquisition from our virtual constellation ensures daily delivery of data
  • Instantaneous access to indices when and where you need them
  • Global capabilities supported by local experts to support individualized operations


  • Translates raw, scientific grade data into understandable and useful information
  • Proven 30-year track record of reliable data with adaptable, scalable products
  • Extensive global weather and satellite imagery database reveals trends or anomalies

Latest News

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How does AgTech survive the unpredictability of agriculture? Whether your company is expanding its services with AgTech, or it’s the core of your business, there are three key survival principles important to keep in mind.

A milestone for Sentinel-2 (and an analysis of free data)

We celebrate another milestone of the mission with ESA announcing that the Sentinel-2 mission is performing global and systematic acquisitions with 5-day revisit.

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Surprised by the 2017 US Corn Yields

Based on the reports from the Geosys crop analysts, there were three key factors that attributed to the success this growing season.

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